After discovering her fiance in bed with her friend,
Clarissa Wilford leaves Columbus and buys a home and land near Logan, Ohio.

She's content with her career as a medical billing contractor for a small clinic.
Her pet pig, Ruthie, is a good companion. Clarissa turns an interest
in Steuben and other made-in-Ohio glassware into another source
of income by selling pieces at an antique mall in Logan.

Two men enter her life. Brent is a financial adviser, who's interested
in acquiring land in the area. David Claremont, who buys property
next to Clarissa's is a new doctor at the clinic.

Brent is a hunk, who seems to be financially secure, He doesn't hunt,
which is a plus for animal lover Clarissa.

David enjoys hunting with a friendly neighbor. This turns Clarissa off.
She works for him and doesn't want to date one of her bosses. They
attend a couple of concerts as friend and like the same restaurants.

Jasper, David's big orange Halloween cat, befriends Ruthie and Clarissa
and later her basset hound rescue puppy. Jasper rescues them by summoning

The animals sense Brent's dark side and alert Clarissa.

The detailed supporting characters add depth.

Jasper, Ruthie and Penny rate an extra star. They are stars.

I also enjoyed the humor.

If you're an animal lover, don't miss this story.

Judy Lammers

Time Travel Excitement!

Nell Duvall's Train to Yesterday is full of suspense, mystery, and mayhem. Penny, the heroine, finds herself back in 1855 Coshocton, Ohio where she meets Fletcher the dashing railroad entrepreneur. She is instantly attracted to him but he thinks she?s a spy. How can she convince him she?s from the future? How can they have a future together? With surprising twists and turns, this time travel romance will keep you reading to the exciting conclusion.

-Tenaya Jacob, author of Seasonings of the Soul.

A Must Read!

Ed Farris provides us with an in depth look at America's deteriorating economic society. His concepts and philosophies give insight to the inner workings of the American government and its financial market. Learn about the principle of inverse labor and about the Farris Factor. ?Boomerang Economics? is a must read for those who want to know why we are headed for another 'Great Depression' and how we can prevent further destruction and start to repair our weakened economy.

-Tenaya Jacob, author of Seasonings of the Soul.

An Interesting Murder Mystery!

Mary Rita Marker has written an interesting novel about a novice writer working on her first murder mystery. Ironically, the heroine finds herself caught up in a real life murder mystery. By following clues, Penny helps the lead detective crack the case but not before almost becoming a victim herself. Luckily, her faithful dog Tatters comes to her rescue. ?Murder, Murder? holds a surprise ending for both the characters in the story as well as the reader.

-Tenaya Jacob, author of Seasonings of the Soul.

A True Mystery!

Sibylle Barrasso has captured the essence of murder and mystery in her novel "Dark Waters." Macy, a newly independent female detective, strikes out on her own to solve the murder of a well known college professor. Will she solve the murder or end up a victim herself. Keeping the reader guessing until the end, she has succeeded in making the murderer's identity a surprise.

-Tenaya Jacob, author of Seasonings of the Soul.

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