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PublishAmerica Presents Seasonings of the Soul by Tenaya Jacob


Frederick, MD January 9, 2008 -- PublishAmerica is proud to present Seasonings of the Soul: A Collection of Poems by Tenaya Jacob of Logan,Ohio.


Tenaya Jacob wrote many poems as a teenager and young adult. She wanted to publish her poems so she could cherish them forever as a personal accomplishment. Many events in her life have influenced her poetry and helped her evolve into the strong, determined woman she is today. She had a tough time growing up and made many mistakes. Her mother taught Tenaya to believe in herself. Perhaps this book will inspire you, the reader, to write your own poems.


Tenaya Jacob graduated from high school in 1987 and married in 1988. She had two children and later divorced when she was twenty-eight years old. She has an associate?s degree in health information management, and she is currently working on a bachelor?s degree.


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