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The essence of life is in each of us

Nurtured as we grow from child into adult

Fed by our ever growing knowledge

Clothed by our constant desire to know more

Sheltered by our fears of failing

Aired by our need for change

Even as I write the essence of life consumes me

The need of expression and my passion for it

It is ever present and everlasting

Should our essence of life die

We’d surely die along with  it.

“Susan peered in her closet, behind her dresser and under her bed 

hoping to find fairy dust or better yet a real live fairy.”

Will Susan find her fairy?  


 “Shocked and confused Prince Rupert wandered back to his castle and 

tried to accept the reality of what he’d seen.  Is the woman I have chosen 

to marry a toad?  What does it mean?”

Will the Prince marry a toad?  Find out in my book "The Toad Princes"


"Tom ran at the bad men flapping his wings and gobbling as loud as he could. GOBBLE, GOBBLE. He lunged at the man who held Wilma upside down over

 the sack."  

Will Tom save his friend Wilma?  Find out in our latest book Tom Comes to Dinner by Tenaya Jacob and illustrated by Sally Less. 

Chapter One

~ Tony, the Rat ~

Columbus, Ohio

Only a few days till the wedding.

Clarissa Wilford fumbled with her keys to the new condo she and her fiance Tony would soon occupy. Exhausted after dealing with contentious accountants, insurance representatives, and stodgy hospital executives, she dumped her purse and parcels on the foyer table. The thought of soaking in the spa tub for an hour would be heaven.

The pounding thrum of a guitar dueling with the beat of a drum penetrated her senses. Tony must have forgotten to turn off the stereo. She followed the noise up the curving stairs to the master bedroom. When she reached the threshold, she stopped in shocked silence.

Standing in the doorway to the luxury condo’s master bedroom, she couldn’t think, speak, or move. Right there, on her new king-sized bed, two naked figures thrashed about, giving the mattress a thorough workout. Gradually her mind accepted what her eyes saw. Her groom-to-be was humping her best friend and maid of honor.

Red-hot fury consumed Clarissa. She took a step forward.


An icy chill replaced the heat. She turned on her heel and stumbled, but caught her balance. With an agonized yowl, she fled.